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Uriel Kaufman

Mockup of illustrated plates depicting Jewish folktales. There are four: one for each season.
Photograph of a fully printed greeting card line for individuals coming out as LGBT+. The cards feature gay
 and transman options. They are set up with a custom gift back
 pride flag
 and mug to match. A bouquet of flowers is set up with the cards and gifts.
A finished illustration of two children on a nighttime road trip; one is asleep and the other is playing on an old Gameboy console. There is a fast food bag between them.
Finished illustration of a child and a dog playing in the snow.


Uriel Kaufman, Communications Manager

Uriel Kaufman is a Massachusetts-based graphic designer and illustrator. He earned his BFA in communication design at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, with concentrations in advertising and illustration.

He has worked in various professional design settings, with a particular passion for children's illustration and nonprofit work. Uriel has been featured in shows both locally and abroad, such as Illustrated Women in History and Phillustration 12: Virtual.


Graphic Design,Illustration,Other

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