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Stephanie Osser

Tomatoes Please Ripen
 My Kazoo has Sounded
Bongo Bunny Music
Turtle Landscape Lithophane from All About Eggs book
Back lit translucent Porcelain Lithophane-Image from "All About Eggs"
Bluebirds-All About Eggs by Millicent Selsam
 my illustrations
My Porcelain Dinnerware Designs with My Book Images
All Together Now ~ Porcelain In-Glaze illustrations from my live concert sketches
Pomegranate on my original porcelain dinnerware-watercolor + photo
Halloween and Red Porcelain Sheep-dinnerware and sheep created by me
 watercolor + photo insert of sheep
Stuffed Cabbage - editorial illustration
Wildlife Conservation Newsletter - based at the Bronx Zoo
The Muppets Big Book of Crafts - lots of step-by step instructional illustration for a fun bunch of artists who created the muppets I had a chance to work with at the Jim Henson Headquarters in New York.
Cranberry Crunch - editorial illustration
Tru - Blueberries
My Family Odyssey: Voyage on the S.S.Finland ~ in collection at Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Museum - clay
 glaze tile made first to tell the story
 my Dad age 3
Clay Tunes-examples of my musical illustration in porcelain and classes I now teach for children


Stephanie Osser, Illustrator

My updated resume is posted on my website: I am a book and editorial illustrator, an illustrator in porcelain, and an art workshop educator/instructor. My specialities are non-fiction children’s books: "All About Eggs", "Drinking Straw Construction," etc., food illustration for cookbooks, editorial articles, and music themes. The Jim Henson Studio commissioned me to illustrate their book "The Muppets Big Book of Crafts," and I have illustrated recipes for Cookbooks by known chefs, and the New York Times,The New York Daily News, and The Boston Globe food pages. My very first job was the exhibit identification illustrator for The New England Aquarium, Boston.

Some of what I call my "Illustration in Porcelain and Clay," Ceramic Works, are included in permanent collections at the Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Museum, The International Museum of Dinnerware Design, the Blair Museum of Lithophanes, the Red Starline Museum, Antwerp, Belgium, and the Needham Historical Society, and in 2023 the AMOCA: American Museum of Ceramic Arts.

An Art Educator/Instructor, I enjoy working with children, and adults too, in multi-media art workshops. My other passionate pursuit is singing in the Newton Swing Band, specializing in songs by Irving Berlin and George and Ira Gershwin, and I also sing in the soprano section of the Masterworks Chorale, Boston, Massachusetts.


Fine Art,Illustration,Model Making,Surface & Textile,Teaching Professional

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