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Penn Tomassetti

Snow drifts before dawn. Watercolor on paper.
Running man sculpture. Watercolor on paper.
Running man sculpture Christmas cards.
House with murals (the actual murals were painted on the house by my sister Maria Tomassetti – how cool is that!). Watercolor on paper.
House with murals greeting cards.
Tyrannosaurus rex. Watercolor on paper.
Parasaurolophus family by the lake. Watercolor on paper.
Costa's hummingbird
 female. Watercolor on paper.
Palm warbler. Watercolor on paper.
Proud mama t. rex with hatchlings. Watercolor on paper.
Log cabin in autumn. Watercolor on paper.


Penn Tomassetti, Digital Graphic Designer, Illustrator

I am an artist, watercolor painter, illustrator, photo editor, graphic designer, art instructor, languages geek, and paleontology enthusiast. I studied Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburg from 2002 – 2006. Since then, I've worked in photo-editing room interiors for high-end brands (York Wallcoverings, Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines, Disney, Candice Olson, Stacy Garcia, and many others), custom illustrations, book illustrations, drawing, watercolor painting, product photography, design and color for repeating patterns, logos, branding, and marketing materials for print and web.
I learned Spanish as a second language and have various levels of proficiency in ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Italian and Mandarin. I spent about a year translating articles from Spanish into English for on indigenous peoples issues and Mexican news.
I am always seeking to learn and improve in my work as a creative colleague, and in my personal life as a husband, father and neighbor.

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