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Jacob Arasim


Jacob Arasim, Illustrator

Jacob Arasim grew up in Nampa, Idaho, where much of his childhood was spent drawing, writing, and not much else. It was about twenty years ago when he knew he was to become a successful illustrator. The pursuit has been the overall soul of his life, deeply rooted under a rainbow of natural serenity and self-gratification. From kindergarten to this very moment, Jacob Arasim has illustrated and written thousands of pages worth of content, all for the very fact that he "just felt like it." Like a river flowing, it's as though he will never stop. He has kept his passion for illustrating up-close and warm, like cradling a newborn. But the true magic of his work is simply how it's *grown* with him, and all he wants is to share it among other illustrators and students alike.

Other facts about Jacob Arasim include the following:

- He's currently writing a comic book about a young adult, whose childhood imaginary friend strives to bring back the balance of her creativity and rationale.

- Runs a freelance illustrator business, called "Jaybob Doodles."

- Earned a Bachelor's Degree at Boise State University.

- The first story Jacob Arasim ever wrote is about an angry crab that pinches his finger. This was never a true store, until several years later.

- Does yoga often.

- Loves many dishes of different kinds of pasta, although spaghetti is one to forgetti.

- He has a sweet, sweet cat named Maggie. She's seven and ALWAYS hungry.

- His favorite band is Belle & Sebastian.

Thank you for being here.


Cartooning,Graphic Design,Illustration

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