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Good News! WordPress Will Be A Lot Easier To Use In 2018

Here are 3 things most designers can agree on about WordPress:

1. It’s not easy.

2. It’s not WYSIWYG.

3. It’s a “save and surprise” system when it comes to creating web pages and blog posts.

That’s all going to change in 2018.

The smart people behind the development of WordPress have been working overtime to rollout the new content creator known as Gutenberg. The expected release date is spring 2018.

Gutenberg will completely replace this editor, which has been the bane of many designers:

In its place you’ll use a block-editing system. If you’ve ever used WIX, Squarespace, Medium, MailChimp, or other publishing systems, you have a notion of what I’m getting at.

News WP Editor

Let me give you a tour of Gutenberg. You’ll see and hear a lot about it in 2018:

Gutenberg works with “Gutenblocks” (that’s what the smarties call it) that form the heart of the system. Blocks can easily be added, edited, moved, or removed when you are making a page or post. Content types such as heading, paragraph, image, video, or audio are inserted into a block. Depending on the content type you are working on, Gutenberg displays different options that allow you to change the appearance of that content.

You will be able to save a Gutenblock if you need to reuse some content on more than one page. That’s going to be a huge time saver.

As for images, here’s what the Gutenberg developers are saying:

“Handling images and media with the utmost care is a primary focus of the new editor. Hopefully, you’ll find aspects of adding captions or going full-width with your pictures much easier and robust than before.”

How about that!

Not A Plugin

Gutenberg will be added to the core of WordPress.  That means it will be part of WP out of the box. It will be as integral to WordPress as choosing themes, adding plugins, or creating menus.

It will be in the WordPress 5.0 version. The current version is 4.9.1. That means when you install or update WP to version 5.0, you’ll be saying goodbye to the WP Editor we’ve used for over 10 years and hello to Gutenberg.  It’ll be that simple.

And that’s just the start of the Gutenberg story. Over time Gutenberg will allow for drag and drop functionality, not only of Gutenblocks, but for all elements on a web page.  If you want to adjust a page’s header, footer, sidebars, and other design elements, regardless of the theme,,you’ll be able to do that with Gutenberg. So sayeth those in the know.

What Happens To Page Builders?

That’s just one of the many questions those in the WP community are asking.  What is the future of the countless plugin such as: Divi, Beaver Builder, and Elementor, that make it easier to build pages? No one really seems to have a good answer for that.

What If You Don’t Like Gutenberg?

I think you will and I suggest you give it a try.  Most designers have been clamoring for a WordPress WYSIWYG design environment for years. While the first versions of Gutenberg won’t quite get us there, over time we are likely to reach the Holy Grail of inline web design aka in-browser design.

Gutenberg is WordPress’s big step in that direction. It had to happen.

In Beta Now

I suggest that you if create WP sites for clients, you get a jump on what Gutenberg is. Currently you can download Gutenberg as a pluginbut you have to promise me the following:

1. You do not use this on any live site!

2. You understand that Gutenberg is in a beta state.  That means things will not work as you expect nor should you consider Gutenberg as ready for prime time.

Bud Kraus has been teaching the fundamentals of web design for thousands of students at Pratt Institute, the Fashion Institute of Technology and for his private students for 20 years.

Besides teaching Bud works with individuals and small businesses developing their WordPress sites.

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