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Professional Membership Application Form

The Graphic Artists Guild is a national union with local regions. When you join the Guild, you join the National Organization and are assigned to a local region servicing your area.

Step 2: Complete form and pay for subscription.

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    1. New Membership

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      If you're already a member of the Guild and would like to renew or change your subscription, simply login to your account and select "Renew".)
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    $19.95 / month

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    *Application will not be entered with out acceptance:

    I derive more income from my own work as a graphic artist than I do as the owner or manager of any business which profits from the buying and/or selling of graphic artwork.

    I further understand that my membership in the Graphic Artists Guild is continuous and that I will be billed for dues annually. If I wish to resign from the Graphic Artists Guild, I understand that I must do so in writing, and that I will be responsible for the payment of any dues owed prior to the date of my resignation.

    I understand that as a new member or expired member an Initiation/Reinstatement Fee of $30 is added. This is a one-time fee.

    Accept on: Saturday, September 22, 2018

    Alternative Signup Method

    If you would prefer to mail in your application form, download this PDF of the form which you can print, fill in and mail to following address:

    Graphic Artists Guild
    31 West 34th Street, 8th Floor
    New York, NY, 10001

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